Growing up in Poland, my biggest dream was to own a professional SLR
camera. I remember spending nights in a darkroom during my high
school years, eagerly watching the “magic” unfold, and my desire to learn
photography often proved more powerful than my need to sleep.   I fell
headfirst into photography, and by the time I had graduated from college I
had documented over a hundred events like weddings, christenings or

In 2001, I moved to the United States, which was the beginning of an
entirely new experience, both for my photography and my life in general.  
Since 2002, I have been providing wedding photography service in the
Chicago area. My work has enabled me to meet people from different
cultures and to document almost every imaginable kind of wedding.
The beauty of photography is in its ability to capture a moment, allowing us to relive it again and again.  
Wedding photography is a privilege to document a day filled with love, fun and happiness.
When I’m taking photographs, I focus on the emotions of the event, but I also recognize important details.
Therefore my photographs are mix of formal and journalistic shots that capture the range of events and
feelings that are all part of a wedding day.  I realize how meaningful this celebration is, and working closely
with the bride and groom is the only way to meet their expectations and ensure that my photographs fully
capture this very personal occasion.